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Recent News and Highlights


JCSG invited talks at the symposium entitled “Bringing the Protein Structure Initiative to Your Laboratory”, during the ACS Northwestern Regional Meeting, June 22-25, 2014, in Missoula, Montana (http://norm2014.sites.acs.org/)

The JCSG co-hosted the symposium “Current Challenges in Structural Biology and Drug Discovery”, April 25, 2014, in La Jolla, California (http://www.scripps.edu/mb/wilson/Symposium_TSRI_ISCB_2.pdf)



DUF Annotation Jamboree, June 20-21, 2013, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (SBMRI), La Jolla, California, organized by Adam Godzik, Alex Bateman & John C. Wooley. The meeting focused on a collaborative effort in writing papers on selected JCSG solved structures or JCSG-defined Pfam families. Attendees included Pfam group, JCSG and several invited scientists. To date, eight papers initiated at this meeting have been published.. 


High throughput Protein Production and Crystallization – EMBO Practical Course, May 15-23, 2013, Research Complex at Harwell, United Kingdom (http://events.embo.org/13-htp-protein/), Dr. Scott Lesley presented “Beyond structural genomics: applying HT-protein approaches to biological discovery”. The application of the high-throughput cloning, protein expression and crystallization pipeline, as implemented at GNF and for the JCSG, was presented to an audience of graduate students and postdocs new to the structural biology field.


PI, Dr. Ian A. Wilson, was one of the organizers of Keystone: High-Throughput Structural Biology, with co-organizers Drs. Aled M. Edwards, Tracy M. Handel, and Andrej Sali, January 22-27, 2012, Keystone, Colorado (http://www.keystonesymposia.org/index.cfm?e=web.Meeting.Program&meetingid=1187)



JCSG Special Issue of Acta Crystallographica Section F: The issue focuses on 6 areas of research that are directly impacted by our work and highlights specific sets of structures, as well as HTP technologies and communication tools that were developed at the JCSG. This issue of Acta F is subdivided into sections where external experts have written stimulating overviews that provide independent analysis and context for the specific topics and groups of JCSG papers.
Open Access: (http://journals.iucr.org/f/issues/2010/10/00/isscontsbdy.html).


The JCSG Deposits 1000th Structure in the PDB: We are pleased to announce that on March 1st, 2010, the JCSG deposited its 1000th structure in the Protein Data Base. This amazing feat would never have been possible without the hard work and dedication from each and every member of our great JCSG team. Congratulations to everyone! To put this in perspective, recall that at the onset of PSI-2, we started off with approximately 200 structures in the PDB.


PSI:Biology Network Highlights


PSI:Biology Materials Repository | Plasmid collection

  • The JCSG Thermotoga maritimagenome collection available in PSI-MR. In total, 1800 of the 1877 Thermotoga maritima ORFs were cloned into expression vectors at the JCSG.  The PSI-Materials Repository now has 1134 fully sequence-verified clones from this collection available for requestors. http://dnasu.org/DNASU/Resources/POMApril10.jsp


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PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase | Nature Gateway Featured Structures

  • October 2010, “Alpha/Beta Barrels”.
    Y. Zhang et al.  Three-dimensional structural view of the central metabolic network of Thermotoga maritima. Science, 325: 1544-1549 (2009).

  • May 2010, “Mre11 Nuclease.”
    D. Das et al. Crystal structure of the first eubacterial Mre11 nuclease reveals novel features that may discriminate substrates during DNA repair. J Mol Biol., 397: 647-663 (2010).

  • June 2009, “Hda and DNA Replication”.
    References included: Q. Xu et al. A structural basis for the regulatory inactivation of DnaA.  J. Mol. Biol., 385: 368-380 (2009).

  • November 2008, “Scavenger Decapping Enzyme DCps”.
    References included: G.W. Han, et al. Crystal Structure of an Apo mRNA Decapping Enzyme (DcpS) from Mouse at 1.83 Å Resolution. Proteins, 60: 797-802 (2005).

  • June 2008, “SARS Coronavirus Nonstructural Protein 1”.
    References included: M.S. Almeida et al. Novel beta-barrel fold in the nuclear magnetic resonance structure of the replicase nonstructural protein 1 from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. J Virol,, 81: 3151-3161 (2007).